dinsdag 16 september 2008

Busy, Busy


Sorry for not updating earlier!
I have been very busy over here, we had so much to do last weekend that there was no time to prepare swaps or write any letters. Saturday we celebrated my boyfriends birthday and on Saturday i started to make cake and other snacks. I made a photo of one of the cakes and i will put it in here later, tomorrow i think.
Saturday also my parents came over for dinner and my oldest son had to do a swimtest for a diploma wich he did sooooo great! I am proud of him.

Yesterday and today i worked so there was no time for swaps either, i hope things will slow down a little bit so i can do some crafty stuff.
Time to go now, i have to get ready to go, i will go to the cinema with a friend.

Bye, Bye

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