zondag 15 maart 2009

The craftfair

Last Thursday my friend S and i went to the craftfair, S came over here all the way from Spain and we were so exited to meet again and go to the craftfair, we had such a great time there. Seeing all the new stuff and buying new supplies
These are clearstamps wich you can use as a 3d picture, i think they are sooooo cute and fun to use.
This one i got for free , always nice to get something for free isn't it.

2 bottles of liquid pearls, a white gelpen to use with my stamped pictures , tape and glue.

Some very very cute paper.

Some borderstickers, can't have too much of these, lol.

When i saw these paper packs i just had to buy them , they are sooooooo cute.

Here are some stickers i can use with the paper, they had 3 different themes and i picked the "love"theme. So cute.

A magazine we got for free, it hink that was because my friend spended sooooo much money at that stand.But we were very happy with the magazine and the free stickers too.

Some clearstamps i bought, i just love the owls.
Well, i am broke now, spend all my money on these craftsupplies. I had soo much fun going to the fair with my friend, she is like a twinsister to me.
She gave me a very precious gift too, some pandora beads wich i love, i tried to make a photo but it came out all blur, sorry.

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Unknown zei

Hoi Jolanda,

Die forever friends dingen zien er echt heel erg leuk en lief uit!!

Groetjes en tot schrijfs, Anita