donderdag 30 juli 2009

What's new and stuff

Good evening!!

Last Tuesday Tom had a little goodbye party at daycare, because he will turn 4 this saturday he will go to school after the summerholiday so he won't go back to daycare.
He had a lot of fun but we are sure he will love it at school.


A private swap i received , Thanks!!!!!

A new set of nestabilities, i also received the new c plate for my cuttlebug so i can use the nestabilities now, i tried to use them without the c plate but it didn't work at all.

These 2 match, i think they will be lovely onea deco or card.

These were on my wish list and i bought them on ebay, much cheaper!!
After the summerholiday i will go crafting with a lady who has an internet store, maybe she can learn me some new card making things, i think it will be fun!

This stamp i bought to use on the back of a deco square.
Well, now it will be silent for 2 weeks, we are going to France tomorrow and i hope to find some sun there.
Take care!! See you soon,

2 opmerkingen:

Nga-Yee zei

WOW, looks really cool the crafty items - very nifty :) !!! And your boy looks happy too ;) even it's sad to have a good bye party.

Anoniem zei

Ohhhhhh Tom looks so sweet !! I love those photos .
Have a great holidays ! I am going to miss you .