vrijdag 13 november 2009


Today i made this delicious cheesecake, tomorrow Sam's grandfather will come over for his birthday and i decided to make this cheesecake, a few weeks ago i made it for the first time and i was totaly in love with it, it has way tooooo much calories but it tastes like heaven.
I think it is amazing when you throw some ingredients in a bowl something like this will come out, when it is fresh out of the oven it is all fluffy and when it cools down it will collaps.

Well, lets hope my father in law and his wife don't like it, than we would have to eat it all by ourselves, LOL

I also finished some fb's i made for a groupswap, i'm still not sure iff i want to keep doing this so i will stay in this group and see how i feel in a few months.

Have a good weekend!!
Bye, Jolanda

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Kim Costello zei

Hi Jolanda your cheese cake looks lovely although I only like the biscuit base LOL so you could have the rest! Thanks for stopping by my blog and your lovely comments HuGs Kim :)