vrijdag 4 december 2009

2 new cards


Here ia am again with a new post, i made 2 cards last week, both for birthdays.
I hope you like them!

I also bought some new stuff, i saw on a blog how to make colored shades, with chalk so ofcourse i had to buy a box for myself, i will try it soon.

I also bought these matching flowers, there is this Dutch lady who has a wonderfull webshop selling all these wonderfull flowers, she also sends out very fast and they are not too expensive.
I also bought some stamps online but i didn't receive them yet, i bought them at stampingbella, i love their stamps but they are only sold on their webshop so i decided to buy some.
I also bought a cc design set of stamps ( used) but for some reason they got lost in the mail, i hope the seller will give me my money back, or i hope they will arrive here tomorrow because i really want this set.
Have a nice Sinterklaas tomorrow,
I know my kids will be spoiled, lol

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Esther zei

what lovely cards! You really are talented! I got your note yesterday, that is absolutely fine,I know I haven't been a great penpal this year. I can still keep in touch via the blog anyway :o) have a great Christmas and new year. Love Esther xxx