dinsdag 9 februari 2010

Busy, busy, busy

Hi everybody,

I see it has been a little while since i posted on my blog. Well i was very busy over here but only with fun stuff.
The last weekend of january Harm and i went out for dinner and a movie without the kids ofcourse, we had a very nice meal and after that we saw the movie "sherlock Holmes "wich was nice.
That Sunday i went to the Musical "hairspray", oh that was soooooo funny, i had such a good time. The movie was nice too but seeing it in a theater it is more special i think.
The rest of the week was as normal, on Monday and Tuesday i work so i hardly do any crafting, the rest of the week was over before i knew it. Last weekend i went out for dinner with a friend, we hadn't seen eachother for some time so we had a lot to talk about, we had a lovely meal at a Greek restaurant, YUMMIE!!
We also saw "did you hear about the Morgans"wich was nice but not as funny as i expected it to be.
Today is my moms birthday and we celebrated last Sunday so my parents treated us at some nice dinner at a pancake restaurant. The boys had a lot of fun and the pancakes were yummie. Here in The Netherlands you can get pancakes with all sorts of toppings and fruits.

Tomorrow Harm and i will go to a concert from a Dutch band "the scene" http://www.behindthescene.nl/
We are going with friends, i hope i will like it because i am not a huge fan of their music but Harm wanted to go.
Thursday we are going to the theater to see the show "crazy piano's" I heard some great things about it so i think it will be afun night out.

Well, pfffffff that was a lot .......
Luckaly all fun things, oh no i forgot, i have a dentist appointment tomorrow, that is no fun at all.

Bye, Jolanda

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