dinsdag 23 december 2008

2 deco entries made today

I am free from work this week and i had all these plans like working on my swaps, write leters and do some deco's.
I managed to write some letters last night ( i keep my pals waiting way too long, sorry for that!!)
and tonight i worked on 2 deco's, i am not satisfied with the autumn one but i do like the christmas one.

I hope you all have a wonderfull Christmas and all the best wishes for 2009.
Thanks a lot for visiting my blog.
Love Jolanda

1 opmerking:

Laura zei

Thank you again for visiting my blog and for your comments. Come back anytime you wish, you are welcomed. I added your blog to my list of blogs that I`m following, so I will visit you regularly fom now. :)
Have a good evening! *hugs*