vrijdag 12 december 2008

This weeks update

I thought it was time to update what i received this week, i sometimes forget to take photo's of swaps and other stuff i received but this time i did think about it. Above there is a photo of the cardkit i receive every month, the paper is lovely double sided and great for winter deco's or fb's.
I also signed up for 3 more card kits, i just love them!!

A personal swap i received from my Dutch friend .

What a great surprise it was when i opened the envelope with these great fb's and i LOVE the paper, thanks!!

A Lovely swap i received via a groupswap, i really like the fb's, great job!!

As you could have read before i recently bought a cuttlebug, ebay USA is a cheap way for me to get some new dies and this one i received this week. I use my cuttlebug a lot.

Some Millimits fb's i made via a group swap, i hope that my Dutch friend likes them.

Ok, this was all for now, we will decorate the christmas tree this weekend so i will try to make a photo of it. Have a great weekend!

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Esther zei

great mail and great fbs!