donderdag 26 februari 2009

big update....

The last few days i managed to make some fb's and decorate some deco's.
These 3 fb's i made for a groupswap they are on its way to my partner now and i hope she likes the fb's.

Here some very very cute deco's i received via groupswap, i think they are great, i wish all the deco's i got were as cute as these! Great JOB!!!

A est fb swap i received via groupswap.

Some deco entries, i hope you like them!

Here 2 deco's i received via group swap.

One of the entries of the garfield deco.

Bye, Jolanda

1 opmerking:

Laura zei

Great work, Jolanda! I love fairies, so, only subjectively, the fairies-FBs are my favourites. :)
Have a very good day!