vrijdag 24 april 2009

12 year anniversary and a new job!!

Wednesday was a very nice day for me, Harm and i had our 12 year anniversary, we are not married but we ware together for 12 years so he bought me some lovely flowers.
An other special thing was that i got the job i applied for, it will be a job at a smaller docters'office and i think i will feel much better there. Today i told y colleaques that i will leave and that was a bit hard but i am still happy with the decision i made.

Here are 3 fb's i made for a group swap, they are on their way to the U.S.A

My order from janetstore, i just couldn't help myself when i saw these cute items!

A little project Sam did at school, he was so proud of his patatoe head, lol.
have a good weekend everybody!!!

5 opmerkingen:

Jacqueline Roy zei

Well, you certainly had some things to share! Congrats on your 12 year anniversary, the flowers are lovely. Also, congrats on the new job! I like the Mr. Potato head Sam made. Cute! And I love the FBs you made. And, who can fault you for buying some cute stuff???

Anoniem zei

Heey, Gefeliciteerd he voor beide dingen! Heel mooi, je had het er toen al over en nu heb je dan toch een andere baan:) Is deze ook dichterbij? Wanneer ga je beginnen?

Fijne dag!

Liefs Mir

Anoniem zei

Happy Wedding anniversary Jolanda and Harm !! You are a lucky girl , what lovely flowers!! .
I am very pleased for you with your new job . I knew you would get it , well done!!
lots of hugs
Susie x x x

Busy little Bee zei

Happy aniversary and concratulations on your new job! Wow, life has so many nice sides sometimes.:o) Really nice flowers, and I also love the FBs.

KnittingArchivist zei

Happy Anniversary and congratulations for the new job Jolanda!!! :)