zaterdag 11 april 2009

This weeks update.

Last weekend i found a great American site with all sorts of recipes and i made these chocolate chip muffins, they turned ourt very well and sooo easy to make. i just love muffins and cupcakes. I found this book at an online bookstore and i just had to buy it, they use a lot of backing soda, also in the american recipes so i have to try to find that here.

Here are 3 fb's i made for a groupswap.

A big private swap i recieved from Romania, i was all out of fb's and she was so sweet to send me this big swap. Thanks!!!

A groupswap i received, they are lovely , aren't they?

Another groupswap also very nice, thanks!!

This morning Harm colored and decorated 20 eggs for easter together with the boys. i was happy i didn't buy more eggs because he would have decorated those too i think.

Sam & Tom, and the eggs.

5 opmerkingen:

Jacqueline Roy zei

Hello Jolanda! Um...those muffins do look delicious! And you certainly have a talented husband to have decorated such lovely eggs! I sent off a letter to you this morning. Happy Easter! Jacqueline

Anny Cheng zei

Hi, this is Anny, the eggs are decorated nicely! I hope I can try this kind of decoration one day. But first thing is to buy them.

I saw my blog is linked, thank you. Can I add yours too?

Laura zei

Hi, Jolanda! I didn`t have the chance to tell you "you`re welcome" for the FBs. I am glad I could help you. And one more thing: those muffins look absolutely delicious! :)

Anoniem zei

Your boys are sooooo cute !! I love that photo of them with the decorated eggs :-) .
Those muffins look really nice !!! I wish I knew how to bake and cook like you . Susie

Busy little Bee zei

It looks like you've had a wonderful holiday with your family.:o) The eggs were absolutely gorgous! Wish I could make such nice eggs too. Mine looks the same as it did when I was 4 years old... LOL!
You said you found those muffins on an American site, and I was wondering which site. As they looks sooooo yummy!!! I feel the urge to bake! Hehehe!