zondag 28 juni 2009


Today harm had to go to france with the marching band and i spend the day alone with the boys, i decided it would be fun to make some cookies, they both had fun decorating them and they were happy with the result. And so am i, they are very yummie!!

This week i received a groupswap from S...
The fb's were very cute, i forgot to make photo's, sorry.
Along with er swap she sended me some craftpaper and other goodies.

I love this paper, it is cheerfull.

Fb;s i made for a groupswap, the theme was suzy's zoo at summer, that was a bit harder than i thought because suzy's zoo doesn't have specific summer stickers so i decided to use these.
I hope they are summer enough.

A groupswap i received, a very lovely selection.
Bye, Bye

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Anoniem zei

Wow , those cookies look lovely !! Hey , I like your new background on your blog.
Hugs Susie x x