dinsdag 30 juni 2009

deco i made

Here is a deco i finished today, i think i need to improve my style a bit more.
What do you think about this deco?

Bye, Jolanda

2 opmerkingen:

Welcome! zei

I need my in-laws to translate the dutch - not sure if I'm posting right..lol...Anyway I love your card, you did an amazing job! The colouring is great!! You could enter it in the 'dotty spotty' challenge on the Greeting Farm blog!

Welcome! zei

Yes I married a dutch man - Karel. His father is from Haarlem and his Mother from Amsterdam. I have a sister in-law named Jolanda and a brother-in-law Richard who lives in Amsterdam. My husband and his brother & sister were born in Canada. We haven't been to Holland since 2000, & we love it there! On another note, what is a deco? (I'm not in with all of the lingo yet...lol)