zondag 18 januari 2009

A little update


Here is a little update from me, above you can see a huge swap i received from my Dutch swapper, great fb's!! Unfortunatly she will stop swapping.

A lovely Sizzix die i bought via ebay, nice and cheap, lol.
I can use this one with my cuttlebug.

A little while ago i told you that i was going to do a "workshop"pottery painting, i made 2 milkmugs for the kids and a lovely plate for my mom wich i already gave her as a christmas present.
I forgot to take a picture.

Tonight my boyfriend and i are going out for dinner to celebrate my birthday, it will be great to spend some time together without the kids.

Have a great Sunday!
Love Jolanda

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Terug van weggeweest en ook weer met een nieuwe blog, hopelijk mag ik je weer linken en jij mij ook;)

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