dinsdag 6 januari 2009

some fb's i received recently

These lovely "littlest pet shop"fb's i received from a very nice swapper friend who angeled this swap via a groupmail.
I think the fb's are very cute, Thanks!!

A lovely swap i received from my Dutch friend, some awsome high qulity fb's, i also like the moomin deco wich will be a challenge for me to decorate it.

This swap i received from my Dutch friend too, she also angeled this swap and i love the fb's, especialy the one on the right.
We started the new year very well here, i'm back to work again and Sam is back at school, normal life started again wich is good.
we had a lot of snow over here and it is freezing , it has been soo manny years ago that we had so much snow and these low temperatures.
I will try to make a photo tomorrow,
Bye, Jolanda

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