zaterdag 31 januari 2009

This week....

Yesterday i went shopping with my mother, as always it was a great trip because my mom always knows exactly what i need and she always gives her honost opinion. I bought some nice shoes and a pair of black pants wich i needed, no fun to buy but i needed them
I also bought a new book of m favourithe writer, i read all her books and every time she has a new one comming up i am actually waiting for it. I hope this one will be just as good as all the others. Here are the rubber stamped fb's i received via a group swap, they are very lovely!!
A personal swap i received from a Dutch swapper friend, 2 deco's and some fb's!! Thanks!

These i just had to buy, in March there is a craft fair so i could have bought them there but i couldn't wait and there are 3 more so i can buy those there, lol.
You can use the stamped images as a 3d picture, i am looking forward to use them.

This lovely paper is also designed by Eline pellinkhof, check out her blog!!


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