zaterdag 30 mei 2009

HI ,
well, i had a great mailweek.
But first here is a little stamp i colored with my derwent pencils tonight ( see earlier post), it is fun to do but the colors are not as bright as the copics, i would love to get your opinions and ideas!!

This is a swap i received via groupswap, they are very cute.
It was an all for her baby fb swap.

Along with the fb's came this lovely deco of daisy & dandelion. My swapper friend was very nice to send me some crafting paper is especialy like the "smirk"papers, thanks a lot dear!

I also received a private deco swap, i hope to get some time to craft tomorrow, first i will go to the movie but i hope to have the afternoon to fi nish some fb's and start on some deco's.

I also received a lovely letter and some papers from my friend J...
I love the bright colors and the stickers are cute too.
She also sended some fb's, i always love to see what other people make so when a new swap comes in i like to sit down and take a good look at the fb's.

J. also sended me a homer! it was made via a groupswap and it travelled for 2 years!!!

This homer i received today from a very nice lady, this one also travelled for 2 years.
Yesterday after dinner we had a little accident here at home, Tom our youngest son went upstairs and he tripped over something and he fell. he bumped his head against a cabinet/ closet and he bumped it so hard that he had a very big cut above his eyebrow. There was a lot of blood and we rushed to the emergencyroom with him where the glued it, no stitches because he is so young. he was very calm when the docter helped him so i was very proud of him.
Sam was very worried that Tom's eye was hurt and offered his glasses to him just in case, lol.Tom is not allowed to take a bath for a week and wash his hair so next saturday i will have a very dirty little boy here i think.
Take a look at my earlier post about the curls and swirls!
Bye, Jolanda

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Oh poor Tom ! Gosh what a shock for yourself . I hope he is ok . Please send him a big big HUG from me .