donderdag 21 mei 2009

This week......

Because i have some extra free days from work i also got some extra time to work on swaps and my mail. That is soooo great. I made these Jan Vis themed fb's for a groupswap. i think they turned out very nice.
These fb's i made as a thank you for someone who returned my full fb.

A homer i received this week, it is always nice to receive them, they have travelled miles and miles.

In the group i run we have a contest sometimes, this time the theme was Spring so members who joined made a deco or fb in the "spring"theme.
We had 2 winners so i sended out these 2 lovely surprise gifts.
I hope they will like what i am sending.
Today harm and i tried to sell some of our old stuff at a 2nd hand market, we sold a lot, that is great!! i guess the whole financial crisis is good for 2nd hand sellers, lol.
Also the weather was great and it is fun to sell your old stuff instead of throwing it away.
Saturday i have a fun meeting with my co-workers, i have no idea what we are going to do. lets hope it will be fun.
Bye, Jolanda

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