dinsdag 12 mei 2009

Our trip

Last week we went on a small trip with the kids, we rented a cottage at a holiday park, here you can see the house wich was actually very nice and comfortable. The area was also very nice.
The trip didn't start very well because when we wanted to leave home the car wouldn't start.
It took a few hours waiting to hear the car couldn't be fixed that day so to drive to the cottage we rented a car. That next day the car was fixed so harm drove home to get the car.

On wednesday we visited a very nice zoo, the animals have a lot of space there and i think that is good.
I don't like animal parks where the animals are bored and live in small cages.

They also had a butterfly garden, it was hot in there but because the camera had some damp on it it makes the photo look nice i think.

Thursday we drove to germany to visit this castle .

The tower.

On Friday we drove to "Slagharen"a family fun park , with all sort of rides, the kids loved it there.

Sunday we celebrated mothersday here, sam made me this housenumber at school, cute isn't it.

And Tom made me this broche and the text says , mom you have a heart of gold.
They also gave me a gift coupon for the perfume store.
Today i have a free day without the kids, because of my new job i had to take some free days i had left so i have a lot of free time these comming 3 weeks.
I will start my new job June 15th, this friday i will go there for a few hours to see how things work there, i hope i will like it there.
Bye, for now

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Anoniem zei

What a great trip Jolanda , you are very lucky . I love the gifts that you received from the children on mother's day . They are gorgeous , you must be very proud ! :-) Susie x x

Jacqueline Roy zei

What a lovely trip it seems you had! I love the photo of the butterfly. The door number and broach you got for Mother's Day from your sons are really nice. I'm sure they were very proud to give them to you.