zaterdag 31 januari 2009

This week....

Yesterday i went shopping with my mother, as always it was a great trip because my mom always knows exactly what i need and she always gives her honost opinion. I bought some nice shoes and a pair of black pants wich i needed, no fun to buy but i needed them
I also bought a new book of m favourithe writer, i read all her books and every time she has a new one comming up i am actually waiting for it. I hope this one will be just as good as all the others. Here are the rubber stamped fb's i received via a group swap, they are very lovely!!
A personal swap i received from a Dutch swapper friend, 2 deco's and some fb's!! Thanks!

These i just had to buy, in March there is a craft fair so i could have bought them there but i couldn't wait and there are 3 more so i can buy those there, lol.
You can use the stamped images as a 3d picture, i am looking forward to use them.

This lovely paper is also designed by Eline pellinkhof, check out her blog!!


zondag 25 januari 2009

Deco's and FB's

Here are some love/ valentine friendshipbooks i made via Creative_crafty_Booklets. I think they turned out very well. Sam and Harm were away on scoutscamp so i was alone with my youngest son and it was actually very nice, he was sweet and played a lot with lego so i got some time to do some crafting.

A deco entry i did today.

And an other deco i did today, Moomin theme, i made a nice flower myself by stamping a flower on 2 different papers and cut one and used some 3d tape to put it together, i think it looks very well, i am happy with the result.

Have a nice Sunday!!
Bye, Jolanda

zaterdag 24 januari 2009

My Pencils

Here they are, the pencils that i normaly use for the rubber stamped images.
I have no idea what i was thinking when i bought the aquarel stuff, this works much better for me. Iff you are interested in seeing how it works than take a look at the patterned paper blog.
The link is in my list, this lady also makes great cards.
Bye, Jolanda

vrijdag 23 januari 2009

AAAAARGHHH my mistake.....

Well, i made a mistake...... I actually thought i could do this, i tried but it was a mess.
I am not an aquarel artist......
I bought these nice aqua brushes and exelent water colors, presse on paper so it is easy to use because i wanted to color the rubber stamped pictures i have with this. For me it didn't work out. I actually feel a bit sad because it looks great iff you really can make it work.

So now i will put them up for sale, maybe you are interested????
Let me know.

It is good quality stuff!!!!!
I think i will stick to my derwent pencils they work much better for me.
Hugs Jolanda

donderdag 22 januari 2009

My Birthday.

Monday I celebrated my 33th birthday, i took a day off from work. That was great!!
My parents came over and some friends. The mailman also came at my door with a big box, a lovely present from my very dear friend Susie, below you can see what was in the package.
I love the earrings, i also took a seperate photo of them but it was a bit blur.
Tom also loves the car and the jewelry box.

In the evening i backed 2 cakes for work and they loved it, yummie.
I also received a lot of nice cards from my penpals, thanks girls!!


zondag 18 januari 2009

A little update


Here is a little update from me, above you can see a huge swap i received from my Dutch swapper, great fb's!! Unfortunatly she will stop swapping.

A lovely Sizzix die i bought via ebay, nice and cheap, lol.
I can use this one with my cuttlebug.

A little while ago i told you that i was going to do a "workshop"pottery painting, i made 2 milkmugs for the kids and a lovely plate for my mom wich i already gave her as a christmas present.
I forgot to take a picture.

Tonight my boyfriend and i are going out for dinner to celebrate my birthday, it will be great to spend some time together without the kids.

Have a great Sunday!
Love Jolanda

received an award

Last week i received this award from Laura, I am really happy with this, it is good to know that others like my blog.

Here are the rules:

- Put the award on your blog.
- Link the person you received the award from.
- You can give the award to anyone you know.
- put links of those blogs on yours
- leave a message on the blogs you have nominated

Here are the names of the ladies who's blog i nominate

- Susie, i saw she already has one but she deserves a second, lol
- Sari, just love your fb's dear!!
- Johanna
- Silvia maja
- Esther

I love all the blogs that are on my favourites list but these are the ones i nominate for now.

Love Jolanda

zondag 11 januari 2009

2 new deco's

2 Deco's i made for a groupswap, for the pictures i used cutting sheets "eline pellinkhof"baby animals, her pictures are soooo cute.
I only have to finish the books by putting in the inlay and they can be send to my swappartner than.

Bye, Jolanda

some winter pictures

Today we took the kids to the park to play with the sledge, we have had snow for over a week now and it had been a loooooong time ago that we had so much snow. Sam had a lot of fun but Tom was scared riding the sledge.

A lot of people trying to iceskate here.

This is my son Sam and me.

And Tom and me.
Bye, Jolanda

dinsdag 6 januari 2009

some fb's i received recently

These lovely "littlest pet shop"fb's i received from a very nice swapper friend who angeled this swap via a groupmail.
I think the fb's are very cute, Thanks!!

A lovely swap i received from my Dutch friend, some awsome high qulity fb's, i also like the moomin deco wich will be a challenge for me to decorate it.

This swap i received from my Dutch friend too, she also angeled this swap and i love the fb's, especialy the one on the right.
We started the new year very well here, i'm back to work again and Sam is back at school, normal life started again wich is good.
we had a lot of snow over here and it is freezing , it has been soo manny years ago that we had so much snow and these low temperatures.
I will try to make a photo tomorrow,
Bye, Jolanda

zondag 4 januari 2009

What i recently bought

I bought all the lovely papers on
They were not that expensive and ofcourse i just HAD to buy them.
I will add the seller in my favourites list.

and i needed some new borderstickers and these are the ones i bought, i just love the sparkly ones.
Don't you??
Bye, Jolanda

Happy New Year!!

Well, before i update about swaps and stuff i want to wish you all a happy New year!!
I hope 2009 will be a creative year for everybody!!

Thanks for reading my blog, i enjoy updating it .

Love Jolanda