zaterdag 31 oktober 2009

SALE, part 2

Good morning!
here is part 2 of my sale, shipping is not in the price and is for your own risk.
Please email me iff you would like to buy from me.

silver hearts with embossed centre 1,- peach shiny flowers 1,50
pink embossed hearts, different shapes, 1,50

pink shiny flowers 1,50

flowers 1 1,20

pink stars 0,75

bugs and flowers 0,50

open hearts 0,50

red shiny flowers 1,50

golden sparkly hearts 0,50

baby blue cup sequins 1,20

hearts 0,50

funny hearts 0,50

blue/pink/purple flowers 1,50

tropical flower mix 1,50

small "red"flowers 1,20

purple shiny flowers 1,50

ovals ( you can make a flower with these) 1,-

small purple shiny flowers 1,20

re/golden shiny cup sequins 1,20

pink/purple cup squins 1,20

10 brads 0,50

flowers 2 1,-

27 stickersheets, some shapes but mostly borders in gold, silver and shiny and corners
10,80 ( 0,40 a sheet)
( 1 line is used from 1 or 2 sheets) most are sold!

stickersheets 2
27 stickersheets, silver gold and sparkly borders some shapes and some corners,
( 1 or 2 lines are used from 2 sheets)
Most are sold

pastel flowers 1,75 sold

pastel flowers 2 1,75 sold

shiny flowers 1,75 sold

eyelet toolkit 2,50

well, this was all, i hope the photo's are clear enough.
Bye, Jolanda

vrijdag 30 oktober 2009

Sale, part 1

Hi ,
Here is part 1 of my sale, soon i will add more stuff!!!
Please email me iff you are interested in buying something from me, in the price shipping is NOT included, and for your own risk.
The papers are mostly from blocks and are in good shape.

black with glitter ( 5 sheets) 1,-
blue 9 sheets 1,25

forever friends 1, 10 sheets 1,80

forever friends 2, 9 sheets, 1,70

red with glitter, 5 sheets 1,- sold

pink with glitter, 5 sheets 1,-

blue with glitter 5 sheets 1,-

purple with glitter 5 sheets, 1,-

green with glitter, 5 sheets, 1,-

sweet glitter paper, 24 papers, 3,-

45 sheets , foldingpaper, 2,50

glitterpaper, new in package, 10 large and 5 small papers 2,-

pink/orange 8 sheets, 1,50

blue / green papers 8 sheets, 1,50

roses paper, 16 sheets, 2,- sold

Well, this was it for now, more will come soon!!!

donderdag 29 oktober 2009

SOON sale


Since i decided to cut back on making fb's i have some craftsupplies i won't be using anymore.
I will put them here for sale this weekend so come back again for all the cute sequins, and more!!

Bye, Jolanda

zondag 25 oktober 2009



Finaly i managed to scan 2 cards i made recently, for now scanning is the only thing that works.
Friday we will go shopping for a new laptop ( i hope).
We tried everything to make this one work better and faste but it didn't work at all. I Made this card for a friend who has her birthday very soon, i hope she likes it!
This card was made for a birthdaylist at a yahoogroup. i really enjoy this group because when you make a card you know that you will send it out eventually.
Have a good week everybody,
Bye, Jolanda

dinsdag 20 oktober 2009


Well, it has been a little while since you heard from me, i am not able to upload photo's now because i need to install the program again.
I will do that later tonight i think.

I hope you all are doing fine and i will post something new soon.
Bye, Jolanda

maandag 12 oktober 2009

Selling some dies!!!!


Finaly after one week without my laptop i got it back this morning, unfortunatly it is not fixed at all but we have to try to re install windows, it might be the problem.
Well, iff not we will buy a new laptop next month, sigh.........
spelbinders daisy heads 18,- Because i stopped making deco's i find no use in keeping some of my dies i bought, i prefer punches or embossing folders for the cuttlebug, so these all are up for sale.
A quickutz flowerborder, 30 cm long and the flowers are 7cm, i am selling it for 10,-, SOLD

2 cuttlebug dies , i guess you all know these, lol. I am selling them for 15,-

The fairy alphabet 15,- 9 dies for the cuttlebug

Well, iff you are interested drop me a line please. i do want to say that shipping is for your own risk!!
Take care,