zondag 31 mei 2009

selling some more....

I was checking out all the craftstuff i have and i found these goodies wich i never used, before i put them on an auction site i wanted to let you know that i am selling this. Iff you are interested please email me privatly.
The fibers are €3,- each , the yellow one is sold.

€2,50 , sold


€2,50 , sold


39 3d cutting sheets € 12,-
all sort of sheets.

take care,
Bye, Jolanda

zaterdag 30 mei 2009

HI ,
well, i had a great mailweek.
But first here is a little stamp i colored with my derwent pencils tonight ( see earlier post), it is fun to do but the colors are not as bright as the copics, i would love to get your opinions and ideas!!

This is a swap i received via groupswap, they are very cute.
It was an all for her baby fb swap.

Along with the fb's came this lovely deco of daisy & dandelion. My swapper friend was very nice to send me some crafting paper is especialy like the "smirk"papers, thanks a lot dear!

I also received a private deco swap, i hope to get some time to craft tomorrow, first i will go to the movie but i hope to have the afternoon to fi nish some fb's and start on some deco's.

I also received a lovely letter and some papers from my friend J...
I love the bright colors and the stickers are cute too.
She also sended some fb's, i always love to see what other people make so when a new swap comes in i like to sit down and take a good look at the fb's.

J. also sended me a homer! it was made via a groupswap and it travelled for 2 years!!!

This homer i received today from a very nice lady, this one also travelled for 2 years.
Yesterday after dinner we had a little accident here at home, Tom our youngest son went upstairs and he tripped over something and he fell. he bumped his head against a cabinet/ closet and he bumped it so hard that he had a very big cut above his eyebrow. There was a lot of blood and we rushed to the emergencyroom with him where the glued it, no stitches because he is so young. he was very calm when the docter helped him so i was very proud of him.
Sam was very worried that Tom's eye was hurt and offered his glasses to him just in case, lol.Tom is not allowed to take a bath for a week and wash his hair so next saturday i will have a very dirty little boy here i think.
Take a look at my earlier post about the curls and swirls!
Bye, Jolanda

selling curls and swirls die

Hi, i decided to sell my curls and swirls aphabet dies for the cuttlebug. I love my cuttlebug but this alphabet i hardly use so there is no need to keep it.
Iff you are interested please email me or leave a message here and i will contact you.

Bye, jolanda

This set is sold!!!!

I don't know what to do!!!!

Well, the last few days i have been thinking and i can not let it go.

As some of you may know i like to work with stamps too and i would love to make some cards with them ( iff i had more time).

Now i can not make up my mind iff i want to buy the copic markers or not, i use derwent pencils now and they are nice too but hey...... iff you look at the results some of the ladies get with the copics than i am stunned.

There is this store that has a good bargain now till the end of June so i can not make up my mind about it.
well it drives me abit crazy to be honost, i keep looking at these blogs seeing these cute pictures.

vrijdag 29 mei 2009

donderdag 28 mei 2009


Hi girls,

i found this great blog! It is from Emilie and she has her birthday soon so she will give away some blogcandy. take a look at her blog and her lovely cards!http://emiliespapierplezier.blogspot.com/

Have a nice day!!

maandag 25 mei 2009

Deco entries

I was in the crafting mood yesterday and i made these deco entries, i hope you like them!!

A hello kitty deco.

valentine theme deco.
Bye, Jolanda

donderdag 21 mei 2009

This week......

Because i have some extra free days from work i also got some extra time to work on swaps and my mail. That is soooo great. I made these Jan Vis themed fb's for a groupswap. i think they turned out very nice.
These fb's i made as a thank you for someone who returned my full fb.

A homer i received this week, it is always nice to receive them, they have travelled miles and miles.

In the group i run we have a contest sometimes, this time the theme was Spring so members who joined made a deco or fb in the "spring"theme.
We had 2 winners so i sended out these 2 lovely surprise gifts.
I hope they will like what i am sending.
Today harm and i tried to sell some of our old stuff at a 2nd hand market, we sold a lot, that is great!! i guess the whole financial crisis is good for 2nd hand sellers, lol.
Also the weather was great and it is fun to sell your old stuff instead of throwing it away.
Saturday i have a fun meeting with my co-workers, i have no idea what we are going to do. lets hope it will be fun.
Bye, Jolanda

zondag 17 mei 2009

blog candy.

Hello All,


While checking out some other peole's blogg i came across some blog candy, please check this one out, it is a great one!!

Love Jolanda

zaterdag 16 mei 2009

Movie tickets

2 weeks ago i tried to win 2 movie tickets for this movie with julia roberts, all i had to do i call a phonenumber and so i did, and i won 2 tickets for the movie!!! It will be on Sunday morning but it will be great.

A friend did the same at an other magazine and she won too, for this movie and she asked me to come along, for her this was the 2nd time she won tickets.

Next week they have the same promo at a magazine so i will try again, maybe i will be lucky again.

I love to go to movies but i think a ticket is getting too expensive, that doesn't stop me from going to be honost because watching a movie at home is different than at the theater.

Have a nice Saturday everybody!!

dinsdag 12 mei 2009

Our trip

Last week we went on a small trip with the kids, we rented a cottage at a holiday park, here you can see the house wich was actually very nice and comfortable. The area was also very nice.
The trip didn't start very well because when we wanted to leave home the car wouldn't start.
It took a few hours waiting to hear the car couldn't be fixed that day so to drive to the cottage we rented a car. That next day the car was fixed so harm drove home to get the car.

On wednesday we visited a very nice zoo, the animals have a lot of space there and i think that is good.
I don't like animal parks where the animals are bored and live in small cages.

They also had a butterfly garden, it was hot in there but because the camera had some damp on it it makes the photo look nice i think.

Thursday we drove to germany to visit this castle .

The tower.

On Friday we drove to "Slagharen"a family fun park , with all sort of rides, the kids loved it there.

Sunday we celebrated mothersday here, sam made me this housenumber at school, cute isn't it.

And Tom made me this broche and the text says , mom you have a heart of gold.
They also gave me a gift coupon for the perfume store.
Today i have a free day without the kids, because of my new job i had to take some free days i had left so i have a lot of free time these comming 3 weeks.
I will start my new job June 15th, this friday i will go there for a few hours to see how things work there, i hope i will like it there.
Bye, for now

vrijdag 1 mei 2009

FB's i made this week.

Finaly i took some time to use my new stamps, here is the result, one isn't ready yet but these two are. I think the stamps are soooooo cute

These 3 fb's i made for a friend who gave birth to a baby girl. I hope she will like the fb's. I used the cutting sheets from Eline pellinkhof, her babies are cute.

Forever friends fb's made via my own group, unfortunatly the photo's are a bit blur but i hope you like them anyway.

Have a good weekend!!
Bye, Jolanda