donderdag 26 februari 2009

big update....

The last few days i managed to make some fb's and decorate some deco's.
These 3 fb's i made for a groupswap they are on its way to my partner now and i hope she likes the fb's.

Here some very very cute deco's i received via groupswap, i think they are great, i wish all the deco's i got were as cute as these! Great JOB!!!

A est fb swap i received via groupswap.

Some deco entries, i hope you like them!

Here 2 deco's i received via group swap.

One of the entries of the garfield deco.

Bye, Jolanda

vrijdag 20 februari 2009

Received 2 homers last week.

I was very happy to receive these 2 homers last week.
It is nice that people are willing to send home the fb's that are made, thanks!!
I made this fb for myself, i must admit my style has improved, this fb travelled for 3 years!!

This fb was made for me by a swapper friend in 2006.

Have a good weekend everybody!

maandag 16 februari 2009


Last weekend we went on a little trip with my boyfriends dad and the rest of the kids, he turnes 65 and he wanted to spend the weekend with us in Rotterdam. Here are some photo's taken while i was standing on the "euromast"

Rotterdm is a very big city, actually too big for me, ther is not enough space for kids to play and there are hardly trees.
A lovely card i bought. Luckaly there are enough other nice places to visit in my country.

A card i bought from Rotterdam, in the middle you can see the euromast/ eurotower.

FB swap

Last week my FB box was very very empty, here is what my great Dutch friend sended me to fill up the box again!!
Thanks dear! They are great.

donderdag 12 februari 2009

Lovely FB's

Here is a lovely swap i receved this week, the fb's are made for a groupswap.

I think they are very very cute!

Today i made this Garfield deco, not the kind of theme i usually do but i like the way the deco turned out. i am still working on a 2nd garfield deco.

zondag 8 februari 2009

fixed a mistake

Today i found out that i made a mistake wit a swap, i accidently made a deco for a non existing swap, i totaly wrote down wrong swaps in my notebook and i also sended 1 out.

Now i made a new deco and the one i missed so i fixed the problem.
This made me decide to quit some groups, i can't keep up with the swaps anymore and it is all my own fault.
I will go back to my basic groups the ones i started with and the ones i feel happy about so i hope that will help.
There are sooo manny nice groups and every time i get invited i feel like joining. I figured out how not to get more invites to protect myself so that is a good thing too, lol
Bye, Jolanda

zaterdag 7 februari 2009

What the mailman brought today!!

A Lovely cardkit again and i must say this one is the best ever!! The paper is soooooooo cute and i love the rubberstamps. The paper is almost too cute to use, lol Bye, Jolanda

zondag 1 februari 2009

2 new deco's i made


Here are 2 deco's i made this weekend, they are for group swaps. I hope you like them.
Bye, Jolanda