dinsdag 23 december 2008

2 deco entries made today

I am free from work this week and i had all these plans like working on my swaps, write leters and do some deco's.
I managed to write some letters last night ( i keep my pals waiting way too long, sorry for that!!)
and tonight i worked on 2 deco's, i am not satisfied with the autumn one but i do like the christmas one.

I hope you all have a wonderfull Christmas and all the best wishes for 2009.
Thanks a lot for visiting my blog.
Love Jolanda

zondag 14 december 2008

Our Christmastree

Well, here it is, our huge tree, my boyfriend thought our house was a bit bigger, :-)
It does look great such a big tree in the house and the kids love it too, i always love the smell of a real tree in the house, i will miss it when it is gone after new years.

A deco page i made today, a little basic but i think it is nice anyway.

This one i also made today.

vrijdag 12 december 2008

This weeks update

I thought it was time to update what i received this week, i sometimes forget to take photo's of swaps and other stuff i received but this time i did think about it. Above there is a photo of the cardkit i receive every month, the paper is lovely double sided and great for winter deco's or fb's.
I also signed up for 3 more card kits, i just love them!!

A personal swap i received from my Dutch friend .

What a great surprise it was when i opened the envelope with these great fb's and i LOVE the paper, thanks!!

A Lovely swap i received via a groupswap, i really like the fb's, great job!!

As you could have read before i recently bought a cuttlebug, ebay USA is a cheap way for me to get some new dies and this one i received this week. I use my cuttlebug a lot.

Some Millimits fb's i made via a group swap, i hope that my Dutch friend likes them.

Ok, this was all for now, we will decorate the christmas tree this weekend so i will try to make a photo of it. Have a great weekend!

zondag 7 december 2008



Again i received a lovely award, this time from my friend Hanna!!

Thank you so much.

here are the rules

* nominate 5 bloggers that you consider as your best blogging buddies and deserve this award for their contribution toward the blogging community no mater what language.

* state the name of the author of each blog.

* each blogger ( upon acceptance) of this award should do a post and show the award on their blog and put the name and the link of the blog that has given her/him the award.

Show these rules.

here are the bloggers that i nominate

Johanna S





Bye, Jolanda

donderdag 27 november 2008

Look what i bought on Etsy!!!!

Some very very nice papers!!
I will add the link to the store here so you all can take a look!!

nice for christmas!!

spring colors!!
Bye bye,

zondag 23 november 2008

Snowman fb's

Here are the snowman fb's i received via a groupswap, they look lovely don't they?

Bye, Jolanda

My new Toy!!

Here it is!! My new toy, i am soooo happy with it.
I sold my cricut because i hardly used it, it was standing all alone here upstairs and because of that i hardly used it so i made up my mind and sold it, i only have one cartridge left for sale.

I bought this little green monster and it works great, i can put it away with all my other craft stuff and the dies are not that expensive either.
I bought 2 alphabets and some flower dies, check out the photo's.

zondag 16 november 2008


I made this entry in a deco from a RR in a group, i really like the way it turned out.

blog award!

Thanks Marga for giving me this award!! wich you nominated me for a little time ago.
I am very happy you like my blog!!

Love Jolanda

donderdag 6 november 2008

Yesterday was such a great mail day!! I received my first cardkit wich i ordered via simpelscrappen. I will get 3 and iff they are all that great as the first one was than i will order 3 more i think, take a look!!

maandag 3 november 2008

Tatty teddy deco's

Here are 2 tatty Teddy deco's i made via a groupswap, i had fun making them!! Such a cute theme. It was great having some time to craft. I hope you like the deco's i made.
I will have a busy week this week, i work an extra shift and we have to prepare for our sons 7th birthday, we will have a party here at our home Sunday and his real birthday is the 11th november. he is all exited about having his party for his friends, we will take them to an indoor funpark. Tuesday he also will hand out treats at school.
This thursday i have to go to the dentist to have a molar removed(ieeeeeeeeks) i really don't like that but i have to, it is all broken.
Time to go now, bye bye

vrijdag 31 oktober 2008

Bratz FB's i made

Here are 2 bratz friendshipbooks i made for a groupswap.

Tonight i also made a deco but i will put that on my blog tomorrow, it is getting late again.


zondag 19 oktober 2008

Some very Yummie apple crumble cookies

I received the recipe for these apple crumble cookies via mail, i just had to try them and they are soooooooo Yummie.
Soon my son will turn 7 and i will make some for him to hand out at school.


woensdag 15 oktober 2008

update on my mail.

Well, i haven't been very active here the last 2 weeks, luckaly i am free from work this week so i try to catch up on my mail and swaps.
I must say i enjoy that very much!!!!
Above there is a deco page i made for a Snoopy deco.

Here a deco page i made for an Anne Geddes deco, i always hope with the artistic deco's that everything i put on the page will actually stay on it.LOL.

I made this deco for a groupswap, we could pick a theme and i picked Autumn, not my best deco i think.

A Lovely swap i received via a groupswap, i love the fb's!! Thanks!!

A Huge swap i received last week, i really needed some fb's!! Thanks!!!!!!
I hope to make more FB's and deco's the rest of the week and i will update more than.

Creative_crafty_Booklets need more members

Hi Everybody,

I am running a HIGH Quality fb group together wit a friend and we can use some more members, we swap regular FB's but also mom fb's.
Iff you like to join us you can leave a message here and i will mail you.
We do like to see some of your work first !!

Take care!!


maandag 6 oktober 2008

butterfly fb's i made

I made some butterfly fb's this weekend, they were for a groupswap. They are on their way to Germany now!
We had a very nice weekend, nothing special planned , just relaxing wich was nice for a change.
The sad thing is that our freezer broke down, luckaly we discovered it before all the food was defrosted.
Have a great week everybody!!

zaterdag 27 september 2008

deco and fb's

Finaly i found some time to make a few fb's and a deco, they all are for groupswaps and i think they turned out nicely.

I only have to cover the fb's and they are ready than to travel to the USA.
Have a great Sunday everybody!

zaterdag 20 september 2008

deco entry

Yesterday i made this deco entry for a panny black deco, i love these stamps they are so funny and cheerfull.

again...... i made a pie

Here is the pie i made today. I bought some apples Friday but they were too sour for me so i had to think of a way to "use"them so i thought i made a pie, i also put peaches in it, i used a ready to use dough. This pie is not as good as the other one i made last week but it turned out ok.

woensdag 17 september 2008

little update

In my last message i promissed a little update, unfortunatly one of the photo's didn't turn out well so i can not show it.
Above there is the 50 gr swap i received via a yahoo swap.

Here is the yummie appliepie i made myself, i love applepie, sometimes i also put nuts in them than it is even more yummie.

A lovely deco i received via a deco group.

dinsdag 16 september 2008

Busy, Busy


Sorry for not updating earlier!
I have been very busy over here, we had so much to do last weekend that there was no time to prepare swaps or write any letters. Saturday we celebrated my boyfriends birthday and on Saturday i started to make cake and other snacks. I made a photo of one of the cakes and i will put it in here later, tomorrow i think.
Saturday also my parents came over for dinner and my oldest son had to do a swimtest for a diploma wich he did sooooo great! I am proud of him.

Yesterday and today i worked so there was no time for swaps either, i hope things will slow down a little bit so i can do some crafty stuff.
Time to go now, i have to get ready to go, i will go to the cinema with a friend.

Bye, Bye

zaterdag 6 september 2008

Deco's i made for a group swap

I made these 2 deco's for a group swap, they are sooooo much fun to make and i hope that the person that receives them also will like them.