donderdag 26 november 2009

Big SALE!!!

Good Evening!

Well as i told before i have been cleaning out my desk and i had way too much stickers and glitterpictures, Since i stopped making deco's and cut back on FB's i no longer need these.

Iff there is something you would like leave a comment or email me.
Ship[ping is not included and is at your own risk.
I tried to keep the prices low but some stickers i bought in the USA and were expensive but..... they are worth it.

Eline Pellinkhof decoupage booklet with background sheets and cute babypictures, all new.

my little pony glitterpictures , 2 sheets, 1,25

Disney princesses glitterpictures, 2 sheets 1,25

Tinkerbell glitterpictures, 2 sheets 1,25 SOLD

Bratz glitterpictures, 2 sheets 1,25

tinkerbell and fairies glitterpictures, 2 sheets 1,25

Tilda decoupage sheets, 4 different designs, A4 size, 4,-

2 embossed stickersheets with glitter, 1,-

6 big stickersheets from me & my big ideas 5,-

Vera the mouse pictures, 2 sheets, 1 picture missing 1,-

2 bear/bunny picture sheets 1,50 SOLD

1 picture sheet with elves, 0,75 SOLD

2 sheets with black glitterletters, 1 letter missing 1,- SOLD

Mix 1, 8 sheets, all different 3,-

2 sheets with clown pictures, 1 missing 1,50

4 mylo & friends stickersheets 3,- SOLD

3 large stickersheets, big stickers! 3,-

my little pony/ pooh mix 1,50

borderstickers 2 lines missing 1,-

mix 2, 12 sheets all different, 4,50

mix 3, 14 sheets 5,-

diddle stickers , 2 sheets 1,- SOLD

mylo & friends , 2 stickersheets, 2,- SOLD

cat and disney jewels stickers 1,50

sesame streeet stickers 1,-

forever friends 1, 5 sheets 2,25 SOLD

forever friends 2 , 4 sheets 2,- SOLD

Lillebi stickers, 7 sheets 3,-

embelishments , 3 sheets 2,-

Barbie , 2 sheets 0.60

flowers with stone, 0,60

Well, i hope i can sell them all!!
Take care,
Bye, Jolanda

Sticker, decoupage sheet SALE SOON!!

Hi Girls,

I have been cleaning my desk here and i have some cute stickersheets, decoupage sheets and other cute pictures for sale.

So, come back and see for yourself!!

Bye, Jolanda

donderdag 19 november 2009

Cards i made


I made 2 Cards wich i wanted to show you,They were made for 2 yahoo groups where we send cards via a birthdaylist.

I hope you like them!

Bye, Jolanda

vrijdag 13 november 2009


Today i made this delicious cheesecake, tomorrow Sam's grandfather will come over for his birthday and i decided to make this cheesecake, a few weeks ago i made it for the first time and i was totaly in love with it, it has way tooooo much calories but it tastes like heaven.
I think it is amazing when you throw some ingredients in a bowl something like this will come out, when it is fresh out of the oven it is all fluffy and when it cools down it will collaps.

Well, lets hope my father in law and his wife don't like it, than we would have to eat it all by ourselves, LOL

I also finished some fb's i made for a groupswap, i'm still not sure iff i want to keep doing this so i will stay in this group and see how i feel in a few months.

Have a good weekend!!
Bye, Jolanda

donderdag 12 november 2009

bug a boo's for sale and a small update


I am selling these cc designs rubberstamps because i hardly use them.
They are mounted with foam so they can be used on a clearblock.
price: 7,00, shipping not included. SOLD
I had a few busy days also due to personal issues, i lost a family member and it took me some days to recover from that.
We also had a birthdayboy, Sam turned 8, i just can't believe it, time flies!!!
I hope to be able to do some crafting this weekend.
Love Jolanda

zaterdag 7 november 2009

fairy doodles clearstamps for sale

Good morning!
Before i put these on an auction site i wanted to show you first.
I am putting these clearstamps up for sale, only 2 images have been used and i would like 7,- Euro's for them, shipping not included.
Iff you are interested drop me a line.
Bye, Jolanda

vrijdag 6 november 2009

New card

Here i am again with a card i made, again one for the birthday list i joined at a yahoogroup.
I just love the Greeting farm stamps!!

This weekend we will be celebrating Sam's birthday, i just can not believe he will be 8 already, time flies!

We had a very busy week at work, we did the first round of the regular flu vaccinations and in 2 weeks we will have the first round for the "mexican "flu vaccinations, not something i am looking forward to because we have to "fix"all the shots ourselves. it will take so much more time this way.
lets hope for the people that will take the vaccin that there are no side effects in the near future.
Well, have a good weekend and i will try to make some more cards soon.

Bye !