zondag 29 maart 2009

What i bought lately............( too much again)

Last weekend i went to the movies in the morning because a friend had won some tickets for the movie"bride war", it was funny!! But also a good story about true friendship.
After the movie we went into town and i bought a few little things, it was good i didn't spend more because i saw so much more i would want to buy.
These lovely bracelets, unfortunatly i already lost a bead from the one above, luckaly it wasn't that expensive.....
A lovely scarf, i love to wear them, they are colorfull and warm.

Here are the fb's i made via groupswap, they turned out nice, not fantastic i think. I do love to use the caron vinson pictures , i hardly find any new drawings made by her so i use my 3d cutting sheets. I hope the person who they are made for will like them.

Oh, i just had to buy these on etsy.....
I love cupcakes, prints with cupcakes, pictures with cupcakes , they just make me happyyyyyy
And the lovely asian dolls, aren't they cute? All i need now is waterresistant ink so i can use them with my derwent pencils.

There is so much more on my wishlist but i have to hold myself back. The sunny weather will be here soon and i need some nice clothes....
Take care!

vrijdag 27 maart 2009

received another card today

Today i received the 2nd card via postcrossing, i am really hooked to it now.
The lady who sended me this card wrote the card in Dutch and she lives in France so i thought that was very nice of her.
I just booked a little trip for us and the kids, a few days in may, looking forward to it and i hope the weather will be nice.
This weekend i want to try to update this blog some more and write some letters again.


dinsdag 24 maart 2009

my first card received via postcrossing

Today i received my first card via postcrossing!!

Sooo nice, lol

Susie told me about this site and now i started to send out i like it a lot.


vrijdag 20 maart 2009

Hello Kitty deco's i made

Here are 2 deco's i made via groupswap, i like this first one a lot the other one is not so nice but good i think. For the letters i used my cuttlebug!
Have a good weekend.

zondag 15 maart 2009

The craftfair

Last Thursday my friend S and i went to the craftfair, S came over here all the way from Spain and we were so exited to meet again and go to the craftfair, we had such a great time there. Seeing all the new stuff and buying new supplies
These are clearstamps wich you can use as a 3d picture, i think they are sooooo cute and fun to use.
This one i got for free , always nice to get something for free isn't it.

2 bottles of liquid pearls, a white gelpen to use with my stamped pictures , tape and glue.

Some very very cute paper.

Some borderstickers, can't have too much of these, lol.

When i saw these paper packs i just had to buy them , they are sooooooo cute.

Here are some stickers i can use with the paper, they had 3 different themes and i picked the "love"theme. So cute.

A magazine we got for free, it hink that was because my friend spended sooooo much money at that stand.But we were very happy with the magazine and the free stickers too.

Some clearstamps i bought, i just love the owls.
Well, i am broke now, spend all my money on these craftsupplies. I had soo much fun going to the fair with my friend, she is like a twinsister to me.
She gave me a very precious gift too, some pandora beads wich i love, i tried to make a photo but it came out all blur, sorry.

vrijdag 13 maart 2009

Feeling a little bit sad

Hi ,

We just got home from Amsterdam where we "dropped"off my very dear friend S....
The last 2 days she stayed here and we had soo much fun going to the craftfair and shopping together and talk talk talk.

I am going to miss her, she is like my Spanish twinsister to me.

Tomorrow i will post photo's of what i bought here.


vrijdag 6 maart 2009

A lost swap

I received this swap from my sweet Dutch friend. The Fb's were send to her by the postoffice because they found them without an envelope and they were very friendly by sending them to her.
She thought the swap was for me because a swap that was send to me got lost and the sender was the last signer in every fb so all well ends well........ She sended them to me.
I think this is special. Thanks!!

Look what i bought on Etsy!!!!

LOOK!!! what a cute stuff i bought on Etsy, i love everything!
check out www.stephaniefizer.com for more cute stuff. I sended my mom one of the owl cards and she also loved it. Bye, Jolanda

zondag 1 maart 2009