vrijdag 29 augustus 2008

A huge swap

This week i received a huge fb swap from my Dutch swapper friend. I really could use a swap because the box was almost empty.
Thanks for the great swap!!!

My first artistic deco

Here it is........................................... My first artistic deco.
I made it for a group swap and the theme was "penny Black".
A little while ago i bought some stamped pictures on the internet and all i had to do was color them so i picked this one for this swap.
I really like the way it turned out.

zondag 24 augustus 2008

my very first Deco

Here is the very first Deco i made myself, i think it turned out very well, it has to travel a very long way to get to the receiver and i do hope it will arrive there.

Mail has been slow the last days, i did receive 2 letters from very dear friends!! Always nice to receive news from friends. i also sended out a letter to my very very dear friend in menorca.

donderdag 21 augustus 2008


Luckaly i did find the 2nd issue of this magazine, the first one was better i think.
But again there was lots of inspiration in it, al i need now is some quiet time for myself, LOL.

Fb's i made yesterday

Here are some fb's i managed to make yesterday for a group swap.
I hope that the person i made them for will like them.

maandag 18 augustus 2008


A while ago i bought this magazine, it is full of great ideas for nice, cute and beautifull scrapcards.
Now i was searching for the 2nd issue but couldn't find it in the bookstores so i decided to take a subscription for a year, they will send the 3th issue in Septemner and i will get a 2009 calendar with it, i am looking forward to receive this magazine.
Now i will continue my search on the internet for the 2nd issue, Bye.

zondag 17 augustus 2008

suzy's zoo fb's

I'm sorry for the bad scan but here are some fb's i made via a group swap.
The theme was suzy's zoo, i always love that theme.

Tomorrow Sam goes back to school and Tom goes to daycare and i took a day off from work so i will have the whole day to myself!!
Looking forward to that. i hope i can write some letters and make some more fb's.

Bye for now!

zaterdag 16 augustus 2008

received a fb swap

Here is a swap i received today via a groupswap all the way from Japan, thanks for the lovely fb's
I also received 2 letters , one from a Dutch friend and on from a friend from The UK.

vrijdag 15 augustus 2008

received a homer!!

here is a private swap i received yesterday.
And, i received a homer today, it is the Diddl fb, it was made via a group swap in 2006.

It is always so nice when people return a full fb!, Thanks!!!!

dinsdag 12 augustus 2008

Monday and Tuesday's mail

A private swap from my very very dear friend from Menorca! Thanks for the fb's and the cute stickers!

Thes stickers i bought via ebay, these are soooo cute, can't wait to use them on fb's or maybe a deco.

These fb's i received via a groupswap, they were angelled by my Dutch penpal, thank you so much dear! Along with the Fb's there were some extra fb's and a lovely letter.

Lovely fb's i received via a group swap.

They are soooo cute.

zaterdag 9 augustus 2008

something i made today

This is a recipe sheet i made today, 3 of my co workers are leaving so they asked us to make a nice sheet wit our favourite recipe, this is what i made of one of them. The muffins are soooooooo tasty, yummie!

vrijdag 8 augustus 2008

some FB's i made

Yesterday we went to a summermarket at a lovely little town called "Eersel". I knew that the woman where i buy crafstuff from sometimes would be there too with her stand and i just had to buy this ribbon, this woman runs her own crafstore from her home, she has a spare bedroom wich she made her little shop, well i can tell you that this shop is very popular here.

I made these Fb's via a group swap, i just love Suzy's zoo themes, they are sooooo cute.
I mostly buy my Suzy's zoo stickers on ebay, you can't buy them here in shops so ebay is the best site to go to than.

donderdag 7 augustus 2008


well, because this is the first blog i have ever made i am very exited about it. Unfortunatly i have to go now because i have to work tomorrow and the neighbours are having a very very loud party in their garden.

I think i will read some in the book i am reading now.
"The Learning Curve" written by Melissa Nathan.


a deco page

A long time ago i once tried to decorate a deco page, that turned out to be a total fight with the plastic to cover it so i never tried again.
Now i have more experience i thought i could give it a try again and i liked it very much.
The theme was House mouse in winter.

ATC cards

Here are 2 ATC cards i made via a group swap, they turned out nice i think, it was the first time i made ATC cards.

hello world !

I got inspired by all the new blogs my friends started on the net so i thought it would be nice to show you all the things that i make and all the mail i get.
I also will share some of my daily life with you.
Hope you will like what i write here.