vrijdag 8 augustus 2008

some FB's i made

Yesterday we went to a summermarket at a lovely little town called "Eersel". I knew that the woman where i buy crafstuff from sometimes would be there too with her stand and i just had to buy this ribbon, this woman runs her own crafstore from her home, she has a spare bedroom wich she made her little shop, well i can tell you that this shop is very popular here.

I made these Fb's via a group swap, i just love Suzy's zoo themes, they are sooooo cute.
I mostly buy my Suzy's zoo stickers on ebay, you can't buy them here in shops so ebay is the best site to go to than.

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Anoniem zei

hi Jolanda. How nice to see that you have a blog :-) . It's making me want to have one myself too :-)))
Have a nice weekend my dear friend.
Hugs Susie x x x

Anoniem zei

Great FBs dear:) Oh and I love the ribbon!