woensdag 17 september 2008

little update

In my last message i promissed a little update, unfortunatly one of the photo's didn't turn out well so i can not show it.
Above there is the 50 gr swap i received via a yahoo swap.

Here is the yummie appliepie i made myself, i love applepie, sometimes i also put nuts in them than it is even more yummie.

A lovely deco i received via a deco group.

2 opmerkingen:

KnittingArchivist zei

What a great mail you've got! :) Oh, and that apple pie looks sooo delicious! :) May I have a recipe?

USA lover zei

Hoi Jolanda,
Ik kon je e-mailadres zo gauw even nergens meer vinden, maar hopelijk komt het berichtje zo ook aan... Bedankt voor mijn 2 homers en de extra FBs! Echt super! Een verrasssing toen ik van vakantie terugkwam! Thanks again!
Groetjes, Cynthia