woensdag 15 oktober 2008

update on my mail.

Well, i haven't been very active here the last 2 weeks, luckaly i am free from work this week so i try to catch up on my mail and swaps.
I must say i enjoy that very much!!!!
Above there is a deco page i made for a Snoopy deco.

Here a deco page i made for an Anne Geddes deco, i always hope with the artistic deco's that everything i put on the page will actually stay on it.LOL.

I made this deco for a groupswap, we could pick a theme and i picked Autumn, not my best deco i think.

A Lovely swap i received via a groupswap, i love the fb's!! Thanks!!

A Huge swap i received last week, i really needed some fb's!! Thanks!!!!!!
I hope to make more FB's and deco's the rest of the week and i will update more than.

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