zondag 29 maart 2009

What i bought lately............( too much again)

Last weekend i went to the movies in the morning because a friend had won some tickets for the movie"bride war", it was funny!! But also a good story about true friendship.
After the movie we went into town and i bought a few little things, it was good i didn't spend more because i saw so much more i would want to buy.
These lovely bracelets, unfortunatly i already lost a bead from the one above, luckaly it wasn't that expensive.....
A lovely scarf, i love to wear them, they are colorfull and warm.

Here are the fb's i made via groupswap, they turned out nice, not fantastic i think. I do love to use the caron vinson pictures , i hardly find any new drawings made by her so i use my 3d cutting sheets. I hope the person who they are made for will like them.

Oh, i just had to buy these on etsy.....
I love cupcakes, prints with cupcakes, pictures with cupcakes , they just make me happyyyyyy
And the lovely asian dolls, aren't they cute? All i need now is waterresistant ink so i can use them with my derwent pencils.

There is so much more on my wishlist but i have to hold myself back. The sunny weather will be here soon and i need some nice clothes....
Take care!

2 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Leuk!! Mooie sjaal ook! Ik draag ze zelf ook! En deze is zo kleurig;) Btw je hebt een blog award van mij gekregen! Kijk maar op mn blog..

Jacqueline Roy zei

Hi Jolanda! it's Jacqueline! I absolutely love the bracelets and scarf you bought. Of course the rubber stamps are nice too!